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No Compromise on your Horse's Wellbeing

Our products are crafted to the highest standards of quality and safety. EquinePro has been designed and tested in compliance with EU guidelines to ensure its safe usage.

Rotating Massage Heads

2x deep-kneading massage heads for deep tissue massage. Each rotation penetrates deep into the muscles, effectively reducing tension and stiffness. The additional heat function helps alleviate pain, delivering an unparalleled experience for your horse.

Built-in heat function

The heat function stimulates blood circulation, promoting faster healing and reducing recovery time after strenuous workouts or competitions. Say goodbye to sore muscles and joint stiffness.

Easy To Clean

A soft, yet durable fabric on the bottom. Apply your preferred massage oil for seamless gliding across the entire coat. Easily detachable and simple to clean.

Powerful Battery

Up to 250 minutes runtime on a single charge with quick recharging taking only 2 hours for reuse. Easy to operate for maximum convenience.

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